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The George Centre is part of the ACURIO Health Group which consists of day surgeries, specialist clinics and research centres located across greater Sydney.

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Driven by our purpose of “transforming life through healthcare innovation” the ACURIO Health Group aspires to be a leader in healthcare design and delivery.

The ACURIO leadership team share a passion for technological innovation, ground-breaking research, and patient-centric treatment, and empowering people with choices for their health.

All ACURIO Health facilities including The George Centre have a commitment to serving the needs of local communities and providing the highest quality of care for this generation, and those to come.

A people centred, self-sustaining, integrated healthcare eco-system.

The George Centre shares in the culture of care of the ACURIO Health Group. Our care culture embraces care for our patients; care for our doctors; care for our business partners; and care for each other. 

To be a reputable and innovative quality healthcare services solutions partner in Australia.

Transforming life through healthcare innovation.

Care First

Care is not just our business, it moulds and drives our project delivery and guides our choices. We care about:

our patients

Our Patients

About - Acurio

Our Doctors

our staff

Our Staff

each other

Each Other

Our plan

  • Be a leading healthcare services solutions provider in Australia
  • Attract new and talented Clinicians, experts in their chosen field who provide better healthcare outcomes to patients in more comfortable and less clinical environments
  • Contribute to local communities by providing superior health care and create jobs in those communities
  • Contribute and collaborate with the global healthcare community. Be at the forefront of cutting-edge research that drives innovation in procedures & treatments – shared for the greater good of world health

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