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About The George Centre

The George Centre is a modern day and short-stay private hospital centrally located in southwest Sydney’s Gledswood Hills, within the newly developing specialist medical precinct on the corner of Gregory Hills Drive and The Hermitage Way.

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Situated close to arterial roads and public transport, with an onsite multi-level onsite parking station, The George Centre provides surgical, maternity and endoscopy services in a convenient, easily accessible location.

Specialist services to meet your needs

The George Centre now allows residents of our community access to comprehensive health services in a premium centre without the need to travel outside of area.

The George Centre

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The George Centre was delivered by the ACURIO Health Group in a joint venture with HealthCo.

The ACURIO leadership team together with The George Centre’s management team have remained focus on the community from conception to delivery of this project and have been dedicated to anticipating and exceeding our patient’s needs. This needs based, purpose driven approach guides our purpose of:

“Transforming life through healthcare innovation”

Our Team

The George Centre management team comprises dedicated clinicians with extensive expertise and experience in hospital management.

Our CEO, Michelle Stares

With a passion for providing uncompromised patient care and safety,The George Centre management team have been committed to the establishment of a care environment that will produce better outcomes for patients, and set benchmarks for the implementation of best practice organisational quality solutions.

They are guided by strong cincal governance guidelines that have been developed to address an holistic approach to healthcare, and have adopted these at every level within the hospital.

They are supported by the ACURIO leadership team. Each member of the George Centre’s management team and the ACURIO leadership team are highly skilled professionals

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The George Centre is part of the ACURIO Health Group which consists of day surgeries, specialist clinics and research centres located across greater Sydney.

Driven by our vision of readily accessible and improved health services, the ACURIO Health Group aspires to be a leader in healthcare design and delivery.

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