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Rio’s Legacy

The George Centre team  are proud supporters of Rio’s Legacy.

Rio's Legacy

Who is Rio?

Rio Fowler was with us from 21/7/2016 till 15/1/2018.

A happy and fun-loving little boy, Rio was admitted to Sydney Children’s ED on 9th November 2017 with severe recurring gastro and never returned home.

He was was eventually diagnosed as having an Arterial Vasculopathy condition which meant Rio’s arteries failed to supply enough blood to his major organs and blood vessels.

His condition was so rare, that doctors believe he was potentially the first or only child in the world to have it.

Rio passed away in January 2018 despite major aggressive medical intervention that included 5 major surgeries and 2 amputations.

Rio's Legacy

Time is Precious

Rio and his family spent their last days together at Bear Cottage.

The opportunity to have the time to spend together as a family in a caring environment that did not feel like a hospital was invaluable to them.

The care they received and the happiness they shared during this time became the inspiration and the spark that created the vision of Rio’s Legacy.

Rio's Legacy Initiative - The George Centre

What is the goal of Rio’s legacy?

The goal of Rio’s legacy is to raise $4million dollars.
Rio's Legacy

What is Bear Cottage?

Bear Cottage is a childrens hospital at Manly that is dedicated to caring for children with a life-limiting condition. It is one of only 3 children’s hospices/respite centres in Australia and the only one in NSW for children under the age of 18.

The vision of Rio’s legacy is provide more facilities that are readily available for families who have a child with a terminal illness and will also look to assist families who have a child in ICU at Sydney Children’s Hospital, as well as support the children and families at Bear Cottage.

Pictured: Rio’s sister Remi with dad Ryan getting ready for some fund-raising activities.

Rio's Legacy

How can you help children like Rio and their families?

To date, Rio’s legacy has raised over $700,000 through charity runs, bike rides and other events. All the funds raised have been used to help critically and terminally ill kids and their families; including keeping hundreds of families together by paying for parents accommodation while their child is in Sydney Children’s ICU.

You can help by providing support through a donation by click on the “DONATE NOW” link below and by helping raise awareness and garnering further support through speaking with friends and family and through your social media accounts.

Remember – Every little bit helps, and Rio’s Legacy thanks you for any support you can offer.

Rio's Legacy | The George Centre
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The George Centre Partnership with Rio’s Legacy

A short message on how The George Centre is supporting Rio’s Legacy.

“Thank you for the partnership and championing our cause, what we’re trying to do here to help our families who have a child who has a life limiting or terminal condition.

Your hospital in the area is going to do great service to the Western Sydney Community.”

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