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After Baby’s Born

Postnatal Support for Mothers - The George Centre

Postnatal support

The journey is just beginning once your baby is born!

We provide comprehensive postnatal care and education during your stay with us and have built a collective of service providers who have additional options available to help support you when you go home.

Ask our maternity team

Ask our maternity team about the different services and classes available during your stay including lactation/breastfeeding support, parenting skills and women’s health physiotherapy. We would like to give you the best start to your parenting journey and ensure you feel supported and ready to go home with your lovely new bundle.


Nothing is more precious than your new baby and we want to make sure you feel safe and comfortable during your stay. Our maternity unit is a closed unit to ensure your safety and privacy throughout your stay. We have  surveillance cameras at entry and exits and limited access to visitors via intercoms or swipe cards. Your primary support person can stay with you throughout your stay with us if you wish, with set visiting periods for your other family and friends. 

Please ask our maternity team for further information about visiting times and any current restrictions.

Post-Natal Care - The George Centre

Professional photography

Take the opportunity during your stay to create a wonderful memory with Faithful Photography. They are speicalists in creating beautiful image keepsakes of babies and families and provide services on level 3 on set days. Ask your midwife for details.

Private midwifery care at home

We have collaborated with some wonderful providers and services who can provide a range of different support and home visiting services once you discharge from The George Centre,. Please ask our maternity team for for further information, including any costs.

Postnatal exercise classes

Now you’ve had your baby, it’s important to undertake postnatal exercises. These specially designed classes will help you get back in shape and assist your body in returning to normal after the pressure of pregnancy and childbirth.
Please ask our team about our postnatal exercises and how you can attend.

Enjoy a private
birthing experience

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