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Birthing and Antenatal Classes 

Inclusions and Optional Extras

The George Centre Educational Classes

Our mums and bubs “special extras”

The George Centre prides itself on having a holistic approach to healthcare. This means that we give attention to your whole baby journey – from when you become pregnant, during your labour and stay with us; and beyond.

With this in mind, we have joined with some of the regions leading providers to help our mums and bubs, and their partners along each step of the way.

Our bub-hub and education hive have regular classes and sessions


We have a variety of education classes and sessions for our parents and their bubs. Please speak to our team about what classes are available to assist you prior to your baby’s birth, during your stay, and when you return home – and ask about any additional costs.

Hypno-birthing classes

Hypno-birthing aims to assist you to deal with any anxiety or fear you may have around giving birth. It involves various relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques designed to help relax the body before and during labour. Hypno birthing services are private and are conducted by Christa Buckland and charged by her as an additional cost. Techniques used in hypno-birthing classes include:

Soothing and settling

Soothing and settling classes are ideal for mums and their partners. They are designed  to help you and your baby settle into a comfortable and relaxed routine when you return home. There are various options available. Ask your midwife about classes and costs.

Kids CPR

It is highly recommended that all mums and partners attend the Kids CPR class. Classes are run by paediatric nurses and you will be informed and educated on what steps to take if your new baby; or your other children experience a medical emergency. Ask your midwife about classes and costs.

Enjoy a private
birthing experience

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Nursing Staff with Newborn and Parents

Father classes

Sometimes dads are as nervous as mums! Christa Buckland provides private father classes that focus on dads – what to expect and how to manage their new role. Beer N Bubs with Christa Buckland is a stress free way to find out more about being a dad and meet other dads on the same journey. Please ask your maternity team about class times and fees.

BAAM! (Be an awesome mum!)

Baby’s change everything – and each mum is different.

BAAM classes our designed to help you find the best way to manage your new role and still have time for yourself and the other parts of your life that need your attention. Ask about classes and fees.

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