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Your Maternity Experience

Welcome to Birthing Suite

Congratulations – you’re pregnant!

If you want to enjoy the choice of a true private patient experience during your pregnancy and birth, The George Centre provides a complete antenatal and postnatal care service for our mums-to-be and their partner.

From conception to delivery, we put our mum’s and their partners at the centre of their care, enabling and empowering them to make choices about their birthing experience with a George Centre accreditted obstetrician of your choosing.

With an emphasis on safety and quality; our services, education and care are designed to help prepare you for your baby’s birth in a relaxed, caring environment.

Who can deliver your baby at The George Centre?

Only one of The George Centre’s accredited obstetricians is able to delivery your baby at our hospital. If you have an obstetrician that is not accredited, they will not be able to deliver your baby in our private maternity unit. If you have a preferred obstetrician that is not accredited with us, please discuss with them your interest in delivering your baby at The George Centre and ask them to contact the hopsital’s executive team regarding accreditation.

Who are the George Centre’s accredited obstetricians?

DoctorConsulting at
Dr Shakil Ahmed Suite 3, The George Centre and Warwick Farm
Dr Abbas Al-wasfiiSuite 1, The George Centre
Dr Jan ArduiCamden
Dr Nader BakhitSuite 4, The George Centre and Liverpool
Dr Kelebogile ChilesheSuite 1, The George Centre
Dr Saibal GhoshSuite 1, The George Centre
Dr Yousif KaisherSuite 1, The George Centre
Dr Ahmed Shariff MaruidLiverpool
Dr Menaka ReddyBradbury
Dr Nasreen ShammasGledswood Hills

Creating a home away from home

We want you to feel at home during your stay with us. Designed to meet all your needs throughout your baby journey, The George Centre’s maternity unit provides spacious rooms and offers the choice of LUXE packages.

Each of our maternity rooms have double beds (with the exception of rooms for mothers who have a caesarean delivery) allowing your partner to stay with you. Please contact us if you are interested in delivering your baby at The George Centre.

Education to set you at ease and answer your questions

No matter if you’re a first-time mum or you just want to be kept up to date with the latest news and views on baby-birthing and postnatal care, The George Centre is committed to providing access to comprehensive education to you and your family throughout your pregnancy and after your birth. Some education sessions are included in your maternity booking and others are an additional service provided on site by other service operators and will incur additional costs. Please see some of our classes detailed below.

Well-baby Nursery

Throughout your stay in our maternity unit, our mums have access to our well-baby nursery. Supported by our experienced midwives, it is a welcome haven for our mums and provides nappies, wraps, a bathing area, and education services so you can feel comfortable and confident about the care of your baby while you’re with us; and especially when you go home together.

Special care nursery

The George Centre maternity unit also features a Level 2 Special Care Nursery to cater to the needs of babies who need some extra care after birth from qualified, specialty trained nurses, midwives and specialist paediatricians. 

mother & baby at the maternity ward

How long will I stay at The George Centre maternity unit when I give birth?

Your stay with us will depend on the type of birth you have.

If you have a normal vaginal delivery, you will have a four day stay in our private rooms with a double bed.

Mum’s who have a caesarean section will be accommodated in a private single room for their initial post operative care, and once you have been cleared by a doctor, you will be able to transfer into a room with a double bed or one of our LUXE suites (dependent upon availability). The stay for a caesarean section delivery is 5 nights.

Enjoy a private
birthing experience

Book a maternity unit tour
Meet our team, see our birthing suites and rooms, and have your questions answered. Click here to find available tour options.

                                                                    What does my health insurance cover?

This varies based on your level of cover and your health fund. If you’re planning a pregnancy, we recommend you get in touch with your fund to check your inclusions. You should ask:

  • Do you have a waiting period?
  • Does you level of cover need to change to cover all your needs during your stay (ie Special Care Nursery)
  • What is the excess or co-payment on your level of cover and how much is it? 
theatre suite

Even if you don’t have private health insurance you can still deliver your baby at The George Centre

Costs for self-insured maternity delivery are:

Normal/Caesarean Delivery – 2 night stay: $4,000

Normal Delivery – 1-4 night stay: $5,000

Caesarean Section – 1-5 night stay: $6,500

Luxury Suite Add On: $600 (Flat Fee)

Overnight Medical Admission: $850 (Per Night)

Same Day/Half Day Medical Admission: $430
(Includes, CTG, Blood Pressure Monitoring Etc)

Special Care Nursery (if required) $1,500 per night

Please note length of stay is calculated from the first day of admission.

NB: All fees for self-insured patients are payable in full 4 weeks prior to admission.
These costs do not include your obstetrician, anaesthetist and paediatrician fees. Pathology fees are not covered. Please add your baby to Medicare as a matter of priority to receive the Medicare rebate for pathology.

Costs are not reduced if you elect not to stay for the full period nominated. For more information regarding self-funding, please call our team on 1300 618 375.

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