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Direct Access Endoscopy Services - The George Centre

Direct Access Endoscopy

The George Centre has introduced a Direct Access Endoscopy service.

What is Direct Access or Open Access Endoscopy?

This is a streamlined service suitable for patients who are on regular screening programs and for those who require gastrointestinal health checks.

It allows patients with a referral from their GP or other medical specialist to book directly into the hospital for a procedure with one of our participating specialists.

Who is eligible for Direct Access Endoscopy?

The George Centre has criteria for suitable patients who can access this service which is detailed on the Direct Access Endoscopy page of this website.

What are the benefits of Direct Access Endoscopy?

The access for the procedure is quicker as there is no pre-op consultation required. In most cases, suitable patients can have their procedure within 4-6 weeks of the hospital receiving a suitable referral. There are also cost savings due to the elimination of a pre-op consultation and in some instances – no post-op consultation.

For patients in a private health fund, there are no out of pocket costs except for the hospital excess fee.

Would you like to learn more about this service?

You can learn more about specialists participating in this service and other details on this website or ask your GP.

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