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Your Stay

During Your Stay

During your stay with us

The George Centre’s maternity services have been designed to provide our mums and their baby with continuity of care and comprehensive support during their pregnancy, throughout labour and after baby is born.

Here is some information on how we care for you during your stay:

Infection control

Our healthcare team is committed to providing the highest quality of patient care by preventing the spread of infection. We do this by ensuring high standards of housekeeping, rigorous hand washing protocols, and the use of sterile techniques and equipment.

Our patients and their guests also play a role in infection control to protect themselves and the other patients staying with us.

Here are some guidelines that we ask our patients and their visitors to follow:

  • Hand hygiene stations are located throughout the hospital, and we encourage our patients and visitors to use these.
  • It is important that anyone with an infectious illness (including siblings of your baby) such as a bad cough or cold, cold sore, flu, chickenpox, slapped cheek, a stomach upset, or any other infection does not visit the hospital. These infections are easily spread, and some are particularly dangerous to pregnant women and newborns.

Falls prevention tips

Being in an unfamiliar environment together with the fact that you may be fatigued or medicated can increase the likelihood of a fall in hospital.

Remember to:

  • Take extra care when walking – particularly if you are on pain-relief medication.
  • Take time to familiarise yourself with your room’s layout and be careful when moving around at night. Please be sure to use
    your call bell if you need assistance.
  • Ensure the floors in your area are not wet before walking.
  • If you’re unsteady on your feet, ask your nurses for assistance to use the toilet or bathroom facilities.
  • Overlong or too loose clothing can catch and cause you to trip.
  • Check your slippers or footwear fit properly. If you have been advised to wear pressure stockings, then also wear slippers over
    the top to reduce a slip risk.
  • Rubber soled slippers are ideal footwear in hospital.

Falls prevention for your baby

  • Never leave your baby unattended on an adult bed or other surface from which they might fall.
  • During your stay, ask for assistance when moving your baby from their cot if you feel yourself at risk of falling.
  • When moving your baby around the maternity unit, always place them in their safe cot which should be flat for transportation.
Maternity Ward Doctor and Nursing Staff

Medication safety

When you arrive, provide your nurse with any medication you have been taking before your admission. These will be stored in a secure drug cabinet until you leave. Any medication you may require during your stay will be ordered by your doctor and supplied to you. All medications you are required to take will be provided to you to take home upon discharge.

Pressure injury prevention

Pressure injuries can occur when you are inactive. Be sure to change your position frequently when sitting or lying-in bed. If you need assistance to move, please ask your nurse and be sure to advise if you notice any tenderness or soreness over a bony area.

Preventing blood clots

During your stay, our healthcare team will assess your risk of developing a blood clot and may advise you to wear compression stockings. You can help prevent blood clots by staying mobile, drinking plenty of fluids and taking any prescribed medicines.

Monitoring your baby during labour

At The George Centre, your baby’s heart rate and your contractions are monitored throughout your labour using the latest K2 monitoring system. This ensures we are able to provide the best care for you and your baby while you are in the delivery suite.

OB-GYN discussing - The George Centre

Do you have a birth plan?

Some mothers choose to develop a birth plan that outlines their wishes about their labour and/or their stay in hospital. We ask that you please discuss your birth plan with your obstetrician and midwife team as this will allow us to advise what is available, as well as safe and practical.

If you have developed a birth plan, it is important to be flexible in case we need to do things differently due to complications.

Professional photography

The George Centre is proud to partner with Faithful Photography who specialise in creating beautiful image keepsakes of babies and families. Please ask your ward receptionist during your stay for more details and to arrange for a visit.

Your visitors

We understand how exciting it is for you, your friends and family to have a new baby. While we want you to have visitors during your stay, we have a guideline for one group at a time. This ensures you and your baby, and our other mums and bubs are not overwhelmed with crowds and noise.

Your day of discharge

On your day of discharge, we request that you vacate your room by 9.30am. Discharge for a normal vaginal birth follows the fourth night, and the fifth night following a caesarean section. Once you leave the hospital, you will need to arrange for follow-up visits with your obstetrician and paediatrician.

Child restraints

It is required by law that babies are in an approved restraint when travelling by car and it is also recommended that any safety restraint is installed at an authorised fitting station.

The George Centre has arranged with Baby Safe to provide this service on site at the hospital. You can find information about these requirements and other fitting stations through the Transport NSW.

Please ensure you have an approved child restraint fitted in your vehicle before taking your baby home.

Baby Safe Seal - The George Centre

For the convenience of our patients, The George Centre has made an arrangement with Babysafe Child Restraints who are authorised by the NSW RMS to professionally install, inspect and adjust child restraints. Book your installation appointment here. Babysafe will attend on site at The George Centre every Thursday from 10am – 2pm.

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