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Our Paediatric Difference

Our Paediatric Difference

The George Centre believes in patient-centred care

Patient centred care and the adoption of a holistic approach is the focus of our hospital with our goal being
“Better patient outcomes; every patient, every time”

We have a dedicated paediatric recovery unit and ward with specialty trained paediatric nurses for children aged from 6 months to 16 years of age.

Our hospital has been designed as a haven of comfort and care to meet the healthcare and greater needs of our paediatric patients, with abundant natural light and gardens. Built on “Evidence Based Design” principles The George Centre’s focus is to provide our young guests with the best patient experience which is proven to enhance wellness and health.

We encourage you to stay

We encourage and recommend our paediatric pateint’s parent or delegated/authorised carer stay with them at the hospital prior to their procedure, at their recovery and if they stay overnight. Sleeping adjustments for the parent/parent delegate/authorised carer will be provided under hospital rules. One parent, parent delegate, or approved carer per child can spend the night.

Our Paediatric Difference

Holistic Care

Holistic care means that we are committed to supporting each of our young patients as an individual and including their parents and carers in their care planning.
Our healthcare team will ensure you are kept involved with our care plans and will ask for your input and any special areas of concern you might have during your child’s stay.

24-hour onsite CMOs

The George Centre has 24-hour onsite CMOs who are intensivist trained with additional training in baby resuscitation.

On-call specialist paediatricians

The George Centre has on-call paediatric specialists and also provides private paediatric consulting services in our medical consulting area located on the hospital’s ground floor.

Our Paediatric Difference

Secured area

We understand the importance of security for your child during their stay. No visitor is permitted to paediatric rooms unless accompanied by a parent or parent delegate.

Likewise, unidentified persons in the paediatric unit may be questioned about their reason for being there and, if considered appropriate by nursing employees, may be required to provide identification.

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