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Maternity Care & Facilities

Maternity Unit

The George Centre Maternity Unit

The George Centre Maternity Unit offers private maternity services of the highest quality, giving our mother’s the choice of access to premium services in their local area.

The Delivery Suite

Our delivery suite has 4 spacious, ultra-modern birthing suites with a large ensuite that has double shower-heads and a large bath for pain reief. Each suite also has a built in “Cosy Cot” that provides an infant warmer and extra resuscitation equipment for babies who need some extra care and state of the art monitoring equipment.

mother & baby at the maternity ward

The Maternity Ward

Our 26-bed maternity ward includes 5 LUXE suites, a well-baby nursery and a 4-cot special care nursery for babies who need some extra card and attention.

The George Centre’s maternity LUXE packages

If you want to be spoiled by some extra space and comfort when you deliver your baby, The George Centre is the right choice for you. Our LUXE suites are designed to give you extra space as well as some other niceties to make your stay more enjoyable.

doctor special care

Our Team

Your obstetrician is supported by our highly experienced midwives as well as our onsite CMOs and our Specialist Paediatricians who are available on a 24/7 on-call roster.

Baby Blanket

During your stay with us

The George Centre’s maternity services have been designed to provide our mums and their baby with continuity of care and comprehensive support during their pregnancy, throughout labour and after baby is born.

Pregnant woman making plans | The George Centre

Before your stay!

There is so much to plan during your pregnancy, so we’ve made a checklist to help you prepare for your stay. We hope it helps you to better enjoy your time with us.


Enjoy a private
birthing experience

Book a maternity unit tour
Meet our team, see our birthing suites and rooms, and have your questions answered. Click here to find available tour options.
Postnatal Support for Mothers - The George Centre

After Baby’s Born

Postnatal support

The journey is just beginning once your baby is born!

We provide comprehensive postnatal care and education during your stay with us and have built a collective of services and options to help support you when you go home.

Ask our maternity team

Ask our maternity team about the different services and classes available during your stay including lactation/breastfeeding support, parenting skills and women’s health physiotherapy and which are inclusive or incur an additional cost. 

The George Centre Educational Classes

Our mums and bubs “special extras”

The George Centre prides itself on having a holistic approach to healthcare. This means that we give attention to your whole baby journey – from when you become pregnant; during your labour and stay with us; and beyond.

With this in mind, we have joined with some of the regions leading providers to help our mums and bubs, and their partners along each step of the way.

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