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Patient Information

The George Centre is focused on providing our patients and their visitors with the best possible care and patient experience by offering a patient-centric approach. Our mission is to elevate healthcare standards by providing high quality services that improve patient outcomes and provide sustainable care for future generations.

Download the Patient Admission Information Booklet

Please click on the following links for further helpful patient information, healthcare rights, and safety advice.

Healthcare Rights

The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights describes the rights that consumers, or someone they care for, can expect when receiving health care anywhere within Australia. 

Falls Prevention at Home

A fall can occur at any time and can have serious consequences. As people get older, they are at a higher risk of falls, most falls can be prevented. Follow the link for tips on preventing falls. 

Open Disclosure

Open disclosure is the discussion with you, your healthcare provider, and the people you may choose to support you (such as your family, carer, or friend) about an incident that caused harm whilst receiving health care. If you would like to know more about open disclosure, the following resource may be helpful. 

Advanced Care Planning

Antibiotic Usage

Monitoring antibiotic prescribing and usage is an important part of managing infections, safeguarding patients from potential harm resulting from unnecessary antibiotic use and addressing the issue of antibiotic resistance. 

Healthcare Communication

You have a right to be treated with dignity and respect and for your healthcare provider to communicate with you about your care, the following link can provide you with questions that may help you stay informed whilst receiving care. 

Safety in Healthcare

This information is designed to help consumers, their families, carers, and other support people get the most out of their health care

Medication Safety Tips

There are ways to safely manage your medication before, during and after your hospital visit, please follow the link for more information:

Pressure Injury Prevention

Pressure injury prevention is an important part of your discharge care planning, please review the following information on ways to prevent pressure injury. 

Useful Maternity Resources

Everybody responds differently to changes during pregnancy, the following maternity sites may help support you during your pregnancy journey.  

Health Literacy for Consumers

At The George Centre we understand that people have differing abilities to access, understand and use healthcare information and instructions. Follow the link for more information to assist you 


If you have a recent change in your condition and are concerned firstly speak to the nurse, doctor, and the nurse in charge. They may be able to help you. If you still feel worried, you can activate a reach call, follow the link for more information. 

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