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About the Bub-Hub

TGC facilities

The George Centre is dedicated to providing a centre of learning for our community. 

With this in mind, we have created the Bub Hub – an education space located on Level 3 of the hospital and the Maternity Ward on Level 2.

The focus of the Edcuation Hive and Bub Hub is to connect individuals, mums and their babies with expert advice and providers of services. Some of these services include ante and postnatal care provided by The George Centre’s midwives as part of your maternity booking, and other services are offered by third party providers at an additional fee.

External service providers can also offer services provided to mums in their home when they leave The George Centre. There are many choices available and our maternity team will be able to assist you with resources and contact informaton regarding additional paid services that you can access.

The Bub Hub

A holistic approach to healthcare and parenthood education

We believe that our role is not only to provide our community with medical and birth facilities, but to facilitate access to education providers that empower individuals and families to grow and thrive. 

The goal of our education services and classes is to contirbute to the improved health of our region. We therefore welcome and encourage expert providers to access this space for their private services if it helps to meet our community’s needs. The education space is also utilised by The George Centre’s medical specialists to conduct private education seminars to the wider community and health practitioners.

Topics and classes covered by The George Centre team and the Bub-Hub’s team of private experts include:

  • Antenatal classes (part of maternity service)
  • Breastfeeding (part of maternity service)
  • Bathing techniques (part of maternity service)
  • Kids Saver CPR and First Aid (external provider additional paid private service)
  • Postnatal classes (mix of part of maternity service and external provider additiona paid service)
  • Mums and bubs yoga classes (external provider additional paid service)
  • Hypnobirthing (external provider additional paid service)
  • Reading baby’s cues (external provider additional paid service)
  • Beer and Bubs Dads classes (external provider additional paid service)

External industry experts accessing the Bub Hub education space include:

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CPR Kids
Swim Experts

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