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We care about our staff

The George Culture Club

Acurio Health Group believes in putting people first – and that includes our healthcare teams, support workers and admin staff.

This philosophy is passionately followed by our leadership team, and our management team at The George Centre.

Creating a culture of care

At the George Centre, it’s our vision to create a culture of care – not only for our patients but for each other, because if you feel healthy, respected, and cared for, it’s easier to give care to others.

That’s why we’re creating “The George Culture Club”.

The George Culture Club philosophy

Caring cultures are collaborative and welcoming.

They focus on mutual trust and relationship-building between team-mates, and encourage cross-functional collaboration, where people with different skill sets support one another.

Our people set us apart

Acurio’s management team and the people within our different organisations are warm, caring, considerate, compassionate, and create personal connections with each other and our patients.

The George Centre management team is committed to ensuring we nurture, support, reward and acknowledge our team’s greatness, allowing them to focus on being their best and making a real difference.

What can you expect when you become part of The George Centre team?

When you come to work with us at The George Centre, you can expect to:

  • Be treated with fairness and respect
  • Work in a culture of trust and integrity
  • Work with a team that has a growth mindset and is committed to innovation
  • Work with an employer that believes in employee engagement and opportunities for advancement
  • Effective communication channels and transparency between management and teams
  • Embrace diversity
  • Be focused on results and acknowledged for their achievement


Want to join our team?

We aspire to be the employer of choice for healthcare professionals as well as support and admin professionals working in the health industry.

If you would like to join our team, please contact us at


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